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Our Vineyards

Monterey is a great place to call home.

California has 17 grape growing districts. Monterey County is District 7.

Surrounded by coastal beauty and rich farming heritage, Monterey is recognized as one of the most beautiful and diverse winegrowing regions in the world. Not only is it home to exceptional wine, Monterey is world-renowned for iconic attractions and a rich history of culture.

  • Our Vineyards

    Our diverse vineyard properties offer a wide range of terroirs. This allows us to optimally grow both cold- and warm-climate grapes to produce wines that are true to the variety and the vineyard.

100% Estate Grown

We believe great wine begins in the vineyard. We are vertically integrated from grapes to glass to bring high-quality wines to your table.

Certified Sustainable

We take pride in caring for the health of our land to fuel a sustainable future. Our estate vineyards and winery are certified sustainable by the California Sustainable Winegrowing Alliance (CSWA), in addition to other third-party certifications.

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Monterey Winegrowing

Nestled on the coast two hours south of San Francisco and running inland from the Monterey Bay is our home, the Monterey County AVA.

  • Geography

    Gently sloping terrain with good drainage and cooler soil temperatures naturally limit the size of the crop, thereby increasing grape and wine quality.

  • Diversity

    In addition to unique landscapes with various soil types, Monterey County is the only winegrowing region in the world to include four different regions differentiated by their climate. Diversity is in our DNA.

  • Vibrant Fruit

    The cooling coastal influence and afternoon breezes off the Monterey Bay lead to longer “hang time” in our vineyards. Grapes ripen more slowly and evenly, resulting in vibrant fruit, intense varietal flavors and excellent structure.

  • Cool-Climate Vineyards

    Vines in our northern vineyards closest to the chilly waters of the Monterey Bay experience cooler weather, ocean breezes and daily fog.

  • Warm-Climate Vineyards

    At the southern end of the county, vineyards bask in the sun with high temperatures during the day, then, with mildly tempered afternoon breezes, temperatures drop significantly at night.

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