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District 7 is a long-time supporter of promoting community health through music education and health & wellness initiatives.

Music Education

We believe that exposure to music, especially Jazz with its improvisation, sparks creativity, reduces stress and enhances our understanding of the world. Providing an opportunity for jazz education through our partnerships with community organizations equips our younger generation with a positive, creative outlet and sustains the true American art form of jazz. Supporting our nation’s youth in pursuing the music they love is the lifeblood of our commitment.

Monterey Jazz Festival

District 7 is proud to be the official wine sponsor and partner of the Monterey Jazz Festival, the longest continuously running annual jazz event in the world. More than just a three-day event, the Monterey Jazz Festival also presents year-round local, regional and international programs for youth, including the Next Generation Jazz Festival. This program gathers the best student bands from across the nation forming the Next Generation Jazz Orchestra and selects the best musicians to participate in year-round programs, as well as the coveted opportunity to perform at the Monterey Jazz Festival.

We also partner with numerous other music festivals across the country, including the San Jose Jazz Festival and Twin Cities Jazz Festival to stay true and expand our commitment.

Health & Wellness

We are proud of our involvement in giving back to community health through our partnership with the Big Sur Marathon Foundation, an organization that creates beautiful running events that promote health and benefit our community. We partner with the foundation for both the Big Sur International Marathon and the Monterey Bay Half Marathon, both events which are hosted in our home of Monterey, CA.

Upcoming Events

Sep 24-262021

Monterey Jazz Festival
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Apr 242022

Big Sur International Marathon
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Nov 11-132022

Monterey International Half Marathon
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